7th Pay Commission Allowances Notification 2017

7th Pay Commission Allowances 2017 Chart | Latest 7th CPC Allowances Notification 2017 pdf Download | 7th Pay Commission Salary Hike Chart or Pay Matrix Download [Updated June 2017]

On 15th March 2017, Cabinet has cleared additional 2 % Dearness allowance (DA) to all central government employees under 7th cpc recommendations. However, the committee on Allowances has not submitted its report to the government. On 10th of March a question was asked regarding the delay that is taking place in case of allowance report. In answer to this question, it was told that the report is being prepared and is currently in the final stages.

7th Pay Commission Latest News 28 June 2017

7th pay commission 28 june 2017

Date of Formation of Committee – July 2016

Date of Submission of Report by Committee – Earlier it was November 2016 then extended till 22 February 2017

Current Status of Availability of Allowances ReportMade Available on 28th June 2017

Expected Date of Availability of Report – March 2017 End or April Starting

Many government employees were unhappy over the recommendations of 7th Pay commission of Allowances. Many protest took place where they showed their dissatisfaction. After this, in July 2016, the committee on allowances was formed. The committee was given the task to review the allowance recommendations. The deadline for the completion of the review process was 4 months which means the allowance committee should have submitted the report by November 2016. Well that didn’t happen and the deadline was extended to 22nd February 2017. Interestingly (& sadly) the committee failed to present the report 2nd time. And till date, no report has been submitted. No deadline has been given for the third time. Inspite the central government employees are being told that the allowance notification will soon be made available.

What is this Whole Issue?

  • There are total 196 allowances. The commission recommended that 53 allowances should be curtailed and merged with other allowances. This made most of the employees unhappy and they protested against these recommendations in allowances.
  • The government soon understood the situation and PM Sh. Narendra Modi formed a committee to look into these recommendations in July 2016. This committee is known as”Committee on Allowances”
  • The committee was given a timeline of 4 months to review the recommendations and report back to government.
  • Sadly the committee has failed to provide any report till the date of writing this article i.e. 17th March 2017

This whole situation has means only one thing to central government employees i.e. “More waiting ”

7th Pay Commission Allowances Committee Report 2017

Although the final 7th CPC report has not been submitted yet by the committee, there are certain expectations that might come true –

  • As per some reports, it is expected that the committee has suggested to keep HRA as it was in the 6th Pay commission.
  • It is also expected that the transport allowance is likely to be remained constant

वेतन आयोग के मुताबिक 196 तरह के अलग अलग भत्ते हैं | 7वें वेतन आयोग ने सिफारिश की थी की 53 तरह के भत्तों को को अन्य भत्तों के साथ जोड़ दिया जाए | कर्मचारियों को ये बात नही भाई और उन्होने इसका विरोध किया | इस मामले को निपटाने के लिए मोदी जी ने भत्तों की कमेटी बना दी | इस कमेटी को जुलाई 2016 में बनाया गया था और 4 महीने के अंतराल में अपनी रिपोर्ट को वित्त मंत्रालय को सौंपने को कहा गया | नवंबर 2016 तक भी रिपोर्ट ना दे पाने की वजह से कमेटी को 22 फ़रवरी 2017 तक का समय दिया गया | दुख की बात ये है के आधा मार्च भी गुजर चुका है लेकिन अभी तक किसी तरह की कोई रिपोर्ट सामने नही आई है | ऐसे में सेंट्रल सरकार के कर्मचारियों के पास इंतेज़ार करने के अलावा कोई चारा नही है

7th CPC Report June 2017 – pdf Download

The report is going to be submitted very soon by the committee. Soon after it is handed over to the finance ministry, it will made public and we will be able to view and download the report as pdf file. At the time of writing, the report is unavailable. Once it becomes available, you will be able to download it from this very page.

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