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Bihar Assembly Election 2015 Final Opinion Poll | District Wise Opinion Poll for Bihar Chunav 2015 | Bihar Election Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, Phase 5 District Wise Expected Seats for NDA, MahaGathbandhan and Others |बिहार विधान सभा चुनाव का फाइनल सर्वे / ओपीनियन पोल – जानिए कितनी सीट्स मिल सकती हैं nda,महागठबंधन और अन्य को !! हर जिले और हर चरण का संपूर्ण विश्लेषण | ABP News Survey Result |Aajtak Zeenews Survey | India TV bihar Election opinion Poll

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Bihar Election 2015 (Assembly/Vidhan Sabha Chunav) Final Opinion Poll Results | Analysis, Survey

The upcoming elections in Bihar have a lot of significance. Everyone is interested to find out that which political party is going to get how many seats . As you know these elections are 5 Phase elections and the Parties included are NDA, MahaGathbandhan and Others. In this articles you will get the final opinion poll before the elections for every district and for Every Phase.

Get the Final Survey Results of Bihar Chunav 2015 derived from the top sources like ABP News, ZEE news, AAJ Tak, NDTV and Others. We researched and created this final report just for you !!

Bihar Chunav Survey Results 2015

Bihar Election Survey 2015 – Phase 1 to Phase 5 Final Opinion Poll Results

As you know there are total 243 seats for which Bihar election will be done. These seats are spread across 38 districts in the state. As per the various surveys done on top news channels like ABP News, Aaj Tak, ZEE News, India TV and NDTV, we have created a master Survey just before the elections to present the expected no. of seats to be grabbed by participating parties.

Bihar Chunav Phase 1 Opinion Poll | Pratham Charan Survey (प्रथम चरण)

DistrictTotal SeatsNDAMahaGathBandhan महागठबंधनOthers
Nawada (नवादा)5020300
Bhagalpur (भागलपुर)7020500
Begusaray (बेगूसराय)7020500
Khagaria (खगड़िया)4030100
Banka (बांका)5020300
Munger (मुंगेर)3020100
Lakhi Saray (लखीसराय)2020000
Jamui (जमुई)4020200
Total Districts 10Total Seats – 49NDA – 21महागठबंधन  – 28Others -00

Bihar Assembly Election 2015 – Phase 2  Opinion Poll (द्वितीय चरण)

DistrictTotal SeatsNDAMahaGathBandhan महागठबंधनOthers
Kemur (केमुर)4010300
Rohtas (रोहतास)7020500
Arval (अरवल)2000200
Jahanabad (जहानाबाद)3010200
Aurangabad (औरंगाबाद)6040101
Gaya (गया)10040600
Total District – 6Total Seats – 32NDA – 12महागठबंधन – 19Others -01

Bihar Assembly Election 2015 – Phase 3 Final Opinion Poll (तृतीय चरण)

DistrictTotal SeatsNDAMahaGathBandhan महागठबंधनOthers
Saaran (सारण)10050500
Vaishali (वैशाली)8030500
Nalanda (नालंदा)7020500
Patna (पटना)14090500
Bhojpur (भोजपुर)7060100
Baksar (बक्सर)4030100
Total District – 6Total Seats – 50NDA – 28महागठबंधन – 22Others – 00

Bihar Chunav 2015 – Phase 4 Opinion Poll – Survey (चौथा चरण)

DistrictTotal SeatsNDAMahaGathBandhan महागठबंधनOthers
West Champaran (पाश्चेमी चंपारण)9030402
Eastern Champaran (पूर्वी चंपारण)12080400
Shivhar (शिवहर)1010000
Sitamadhi (सीतामढ़ी)8060200
Mujjafarpur (मुजफ्फरपुर)11060500
Gopal Ganj (गोपाल गंज)6030300
Sivaan (सिवान)8030401
Total District – 7Total Seats – 55NDA – 30महागठबंधन – 22Others – 03

Bihar Election Poll 2015 – Phase 5 (पाँचवा चरण)

DistrictTotal SeatsNDAMahaGathBandhan महागठबंधनOthers
Madhu Bani (मधुबनी)10060400
Supool (सुपोल)5030200
Araria (अररिया)6030201
Kishan Ganj (किशनगंज)4020200
Purniya (पूर्णिया)7050200
Madhe pura (गोपाल गंज)4030100
Saharsa (सहरसा)4010300
Darbhanga (दरभंगा)10040600
Total District – 9Total Seats – 57NDA – 32महागठबंधन – 24Others – 01

Final Result of Bihar Assembly Election Opinion Poll/ Survey 2015

Total Districts – 38Total Seats – 243NDA – 123महागठबंधन – 115Others -5

बिहार चुनाव 2015 सर्वे पे अगर आप कुछ कहना चाहते है तो नीचे कॉमेंट कीजिए !!

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