iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Pre-Order Sept 2016 – Online Booking & Order

Buy iPhone 7 Online in India, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Online Booking [Pre order]

iPhone lovers anxiously await for new models. Although the Apple iPhone fans are all across the globe, i find that lots of Indians are the most loyal fans. Whenever any news regarding the newer iPhone is released, rumors regarding the looks, features and price are started. Although the iPhone costs more in India, still this factor hasn’t affected the true fans. With the announcement of two models i.e. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s, indian iphone lovers need information regarding buying or pre order iphone 7.

In this article we will discuss various methods that will help you book your very own iPhone 7 or 7 plus.

iPhone 7 and 7 plus Pre-Order in India

Booking the all new iPhone is very simple now. Apple has opened the pre order windows from 9th September to 16th September . Please note down that iPhone 7 will be released on october 7 in India. But if you are really excited, you can get it shipped from US (with the help of your friends or relatives who live there). The online portal of Apple is accepting the pre-order requests now. The pre order process will work till 16th September 2016

Note – The above mentioned Pre-order is for US only.

How to Book/Buy iPhone 7(plus) Online –

There are various ways to make your order

  1. You can pre-order it from the official Apple Website
  2.  If it is not released in your country you can order it from online stores in US

Note – iPhone is only available @US right now. No online stores at the present time are offering this phone for Shipping to India. So, we Indians have to wait, unless our friend or relatives lives in the States 😉

Buy iPhone 7 Online –

Visit this Page to Make order from Apple

iPhone 7 & 7 plus Online Booking in India

Indian fans need to wait for almost a month. As per the reports the official announcement regarding the launch of these new iPhone models in India will take place on 7th October 2016. Soon after the launch, online stores like Flipkart, Ebay India, Amazon India and Snapdeal will start distributing it to the interested users.

We are keeping a close look at all the latest happening regarding the iPhone 7 and 7 plus availability in India. Keeping checking this page for latest updates and direct buying links.


When will iphone 7 and 7plus will be launched in India ?

  • As per the sources the launch event will take place on October 7 2016

What will be the price of these two models in India ?

  • The price aspect is not clear yet. However it is known that the phone will cost more than it costs in the united States.

Where will be New iPhone models will be made available?

  • Initially the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be made available at Apple stores. Online stores like Ebay, Amazon, FLipkart and Snapdeal start selling the products later on.

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