{Chandigarh} Online OPD Registration for PGI, AIIMS & Govt Hospitals

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Do you know that Chandigarh Administration has Launched a great Facility using which you will be able to make OPD Registrations online? No Need to stand in Lines.. Find out how to do online OPD Registration for PGI, AIIMS and Government Hospitals in Chandigarh

With the help of honorable Prime Minister Narender Singh Modi’s Digital India scheme now anyone in the country can book an appointment for a particular date and time in any government and private hospital in the country. This scheme is very helpful for all those patients who regularly need a doctor or those that cannot wait for long hours outside the slip counter to get an OPD slip, with the help of this scheme now anyone can get an appointment with any specialist doctor in any hospital that is registered with the scheme. Prime minister and his cabinet ministers are working very hard to provide every facility to the citizen with their different schemes. Now anyone can go online and book the dates of appointment with any doctor in any hospital, this scheme seems to be very beneficial for the old aged patients, kids and for ladies who cannot wait in lines for hours to get their appointment with the doctor.

Online OPD Registration in Chandigarh for PGI, AIIMS and Govt Sector Hospitals

Online Appointment OPD Booking Chandigarh

This scheme is working under an online registration system. Under the ORS any citizen of the nation with the help of their valid Adhar card can book an appointment with a doctor and get their OPD number assigned to them by using their laptops or computers. A number of government and private hospital have already registered under the ORS system and now you can select any hospital which is near your location and any date and time according to your convenience with any specialist doctor with you want to consult. The system will link your adhar card number to the OPD information and drive all your important details to register you within the system.  Once you are done with the online process you will get an online registration OPD number which will connect you to the hospital and the department you are looking for and will provide you all the details about the appointment. Date and time and the confirmation of the appointment will also be sent to your registered mobile phone.

Chandigarh Online OPD Registration System – Register for OPD from your Home

Almost every government and private hospitals including some of the most famous hospitals in the country have registered under the online registration system (OPD). With the help of ORS patient will be able to get benefits in many other things and not just the appointments. In any case where the Aadhar Card is not linked a unique health identification number will be appointed to you with your details. You can also check your laboratory reports and results through the web portal by simply taping the registration number that has been assigned to you.

Steps for Registering OPD Online in Chandigarh – How to Guide

PGI Chandigarh Online OPD Registration

  • If you are going for OPD at PGI Chandigarh, follow these steps to make booking online –
  • First of all Visit this Page
  • Enter Details like Department, Patient’s Name, Address and other info
  • After filling the details correctly, click on the “Register”
  • You will see a message regarding the registration confirmation. Also you will find the acknowledgement slip. Do not forget to take the print out

Note – PGI Chandigarh have their own online registration system so we have mentioned the steps above. For all other hospitals follow below given steps

Online OPD Registration for Other Hospitals like AIIMS and Govt Hospitals

  • First of you All you need to Visit this Page at ORS Website
  • This is the Official Online Appointment Booking Page
  • You need to complete registration process at this page.
  • Enter your Aadhaar number and other required details
  • Select the hospital your are interested in and the concerned department
  • Now you also have to select the time and date
  • All the information regarding the appointment will be sent on your registered mobile number
  • Visit the hospital and show the confirmationz


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