Samajwadi Shravan Yatra 2016 List – Name List of Selected People

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Samajwadi Shravan Yatra List, Shravan yatra 2016 Name List, List of Selected People in Shravan Yatra September 2016, समाजवादी श्रवण यात्रा 2016 में चयनित यात्रिओं की सूची

The Samajwadi Shravan Yatra List can be downloaded online. The name list contains the names of the selected people who will be going to this Yatra. If you name exists in the suchi, you are good to go. The government has given direct orders to publish the Uttar Pradesh Shravan yatri Suchi online before 14th September 2016. In this article you will find out how to download the Samajwadi Shravan Yatra List or view it online.

The Samajwadi Shravan Yatra 2016 is a 4 days journey. The selected passengers will visit from Kanpur to Ajmer and Pushkar for free. Those who registered, are now waiting for the list to be released. This list will contain the information that who will go. We will get this list on or before 14th september. You can get the list easily online.

समाजवादी श्रवण यात्रा 23 सितंबर से 26 सितंबर तक चलेगी | ये 4 दिवसीय यात्रा कानपुर से अजमेर एवं पुष्कर तक होगी | इस मुफ़्त यात्रा का लाभ लेने के लिए ऑनलाइन रेजिस्ट्रेशन की गयी थी | ये पूरी प्रक्रिया “पहले आओ और पहले पाओ” पे निर्धारित है | इस यात्रा में भाग लेने वेल चयनित यात्रिओं की सूची ऑनलाइन जारी की जाएगी

Samajwadi Shravan Yatra List 2016

समाजवादी श्रवण यात्रा सूची 2016

sharavan yatra suchi

In the latest news, UP government has directed to release the passenger name list till 14th September through online or offline mode. Most probably the list will be released on the official portal and applicants will be able to download the complete list as pdf file. So, just wait till 14th.

हाल ही में ये जानकारी मिली है के उत्तर प्रदेश सरकार ने अधिकारीओं को 14 सितंबर तक किसी भी हालत में चयनित  यात्रिओं की सूची साझा करने को कहा है | सरकार ने आदेश दिया है की सूची ऑनलाइन या ऑफलाइन मध्यम से जल्द से जल्द जारी की जाए

Here is everything you want to know about this Yatra –

Samajwadi Shravan Yatra List 2016 – View Online/Download

The important thing to understand is that how to download or view the Yatri list online. Kindly follow the given steps to get the passenger list as soon as it is released –

  • First of All Visit the Official Page of Shravan Yatra 2016 – CLICK HERE (सबसे पहले श्रवण यात्रा 2016 के पेज को खोलिए)
  • Once the list will be released, it will be made available there (लिस्ट जारी होते ही ये इसी पेज पर उपलब्ध करवाई जाएगी)
  • You will find the option to view the Shravan Yatri List (आपको लिस्ट डाउनलोड या देखने की सुविधा यहीं से मिलेगी)

Note – Selection will be made on the basis of first come and first serve basis.

Download the Samajwadi Shravan Yatra Suchi 

The yatri suchi will made available at the official portal. Interested people can either view it online or download the pdf file. Only the names of the selected yatris will be mentioned. If your name doesn’t exists in the list it means that you have not been selected this this time. The list has been prepared on the basis of “First come and first serve”. Also the priority is given to the people who were in the waiting list from last year.

Note – The list will be released on or before 14th September 2016, so kindly wait. We will update it as soon as it is made available

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