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One Rank One Pension{OROP} – Latest News, Table, Chart and Other Details

Download the Official Document Released on 4th Feb 2016


Download Latest OROP Pension Table {Chart} 2016

UPDATE – Recently government has released an notification that contains instructions regarding the OROP implementation. You are advised to download and read the notification carefully.

Latest OROP News 2016

  • Annual Expenditure of OROP has been estimated as Rs. 7500 Crore
  • Arrears from 1 July 2014 till 31st December 2015 will be approx. Rs. 10.900 Crore
  • Defence budget for pensions is estimated to go from Rs. 54000 crore(2015-16) to Rs. 65000 Crore(2016-17), hence an increase of 20 percent of the defence pension outlay
  • 86 percent of total expenditure on account of One Rank One Pension will benefit JCO’s and other ranks
  • Payment of arrears and revision of pension under OROP is to be made in 4 instalments. However for Family pensioners arrears will be paid in single instalment

One Rank One Pension Latest NewsMilitary(Army) Personnel have been demanding the One Rank One Pay System for long time. Current pension system takes into consideration, the last drawn pay while deciding one’s pension amount. However, the One Rank One Pension term suggests that armed force personnel holding the same rank and same length of service must be given same pension, regardless the last drawn pay. Another important point in this scheme is that any hike in pension rate will be automatically implemented to the past pensioners of the military.

What are the Reasons for the Demand of One Rank One Pension

  1. If we take a look at the civilian employees, it is noticed that they retire at the age of 60. However in the scenario of Military employees the retirement age is very less. So, the family responsibility for such army military personnel becomes a matter of concern and the 2nd career option is not very easy
  2. Sepoys in Military retire at 35-38 years while NCO & JCOs retire at 40 to 45. Only 10 percent of Sepoys make it to the rank of JCOs
  3. Most of the Officers retire in Early 50’s
  4. If you know any army personnel, you will surely agree that military service is much tougher that any other job.
  5. Military personnel are posted to different areas from time to time and most of the places where they are posted to are risky for their lives. In other words – They keep their lives at stake
  6. Also there has been a gap of pension amount due to successive pay commission

Considering, all aspects mentioned above, one must agree that One Rank One Pension demand is genuine and must be addressed soon. Let’s find out how the government has responded so far.

LatestĀ OROP Table PBOR

The complete tables containing the latest information are presented in the latest OROP official document. We highly recommend you to download the notification to read the information.


Govt’s Response to the OROP Scheme

In 2014, the government accepted this demand and Rs. 1000 crore was allocated during July 2015 Budget. However, this scheme has not been implemented till date. It is being said that due to some technical misinterpretations, it couldn’t be implemented

Latest News Regarding One Rank One Pension Scheme –

Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has assured the Ex Servicemen that all the hurdles in the implementation of this scheme will be resolved soon. He further added that this whole scenario is a expression of faith and patriotism to him. During his “Man ki Baat” programme Prime Minister has urged the Ex service men to not believe those who are trying to politicize the issue

Possible Hurdles that Block the Road to the Implementation of OROP Scheme

  • Various Financial, Administrative and Legal Problems that are to be resolved before implementing it are –
  • Grating Full OROP will further bloat the Govt’s Pension Bill
  • It is a huge administrative overhead to pass all the benefits to the Ex Servicemen
  • There is chance that other Govt. Employees may also demand the same

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