[Scam] Modi Smartphone Vitran Yojana – PM Free Smartphone Scheme Truth Revealed

Find out the Truth Behind so called “Modi Free Smartphone Scheme” or “Modi Smartphone Vitran Yojana” Have you recently come across any message regarding the Distribution of Free Smartphones to Indian Citizens? Do you really think it is possible for government to provide free smartphones to everyone? This doesn’t make any sense, right? Clearly this news is an hoax and can’t be trusted. Today we are going to disclose the reality of Modi Free Smartphone Vitran Yojana. We will prove

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Scam Alert – Modi Free Laptop Vitran Yojana | Fake Links modi-free-laptop-order.com modi-laptop.com

Modi Free Laptop Vitran Yojana Scam Revealed – Do not trust messages asking you to visit┬ámodi-free-laptop-order.com & modi-laptop.com Friends, it is very heartbreaking too see that how scammers are trying to influence innocent Indians. They are using social media platforms to spread the false information. Innocent people trust such messages and share them. In this way these scammers get hits on their website and they collect data of people. Once such recent scam is – Modi Laptop Vitran Yojana or┬áModi

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