Latest OROP Official Notification Download – Hindi/English (VRS)

UPDATELatest official document released on 4th Feb 2016. Download Links updated below. Read the complete document thoroughly to understand all aspects.


Download OROP Latest Pension Chart 2016

One Rank One Pension Official Government Notification | Download OROP Government Letter in Hindi/ English | OROP Verdict for VRS – Voluntary Retirement from Service

Hello readers ! There were many doubts regarding OROP earlier. But recently the OROP Official Notification was uploaded to the official website of “Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare“. This letter can be downloaded using the links given. The most important thing that matters is, what does this OROP govt letter say? This article revolves around all the points addresses in this notification. We will help you in downloading this informational letter in hindi as well as in English.

On 7th of November 2015, notification was made available publicly. This letter has been addressed to the Chief of Army Staff, Naval Staff and Airforce Staff. Now let’s come to the most important part, the content of the notification.

aOfficial OROP Notification Letter : Features

  • OROP will be implemented for the Ex-Servicemen with effect from 1/07/2014
  • The Pension of Past pensioners would be re-fixed on the basis of pension of retirees of calender year 2013 and benefit will be effective with effect from 1/7/2014
  • The re-fixing of the pension for all the pensioners will be done on the basis of average of minimum and maximum pension of personnel retired in 2013 in the same rank and with same length of Service
  • Pension for those drawing above the average shall be protected
  • Arrears will be paid in four equal half yearly installments. However, all the family pensioners including those in receipt of Special/Liberalized family pension and Gallantry award winners shall be paid in one installment
  • In future, the Pension would be re-fixed every 5 years
  • A judicial committee has been appointed to look into the anomalies
  • Complete instructions regarding the implementation of OROP along with tables indicating revised pension for each rank and category shall be issued separately by Pension Disbursing Agencies. 

Here is what the Notification says regarding VRS

Personnel who opt to get discharged henceforth will not be entitled to the benefits of OROP. It will be effective prospectively.

Reaction of Ex- Servicemen – Why they Didn’t like the Notification

  • OROP Notification Govt Latest Letter NewsSoon after the notification was released, it was criticized by most of the ex-servicemen. Recently,Major General (Retd.) Satbir Singh accused the government of Manipulating the OROP Definition. He is leading OROP protest. He further demanded the issuance of fresh notification
  • As per the news, at least 40 ex-servicemen have returned their medals opposing OROP Notification

If you are not sure that why is this notification being opposed, you can understand the scenario as explained by  Maj Gen (retd) Chander Nandwani.

  1. The agitating ex-servicemen have a problem with the equalization. If equalization is done after five years one can imagine the plight of OROP. Moreover, it is not a big number if equalization is done every year as it will not affect all ex-servicemen,”
  2. Fixing 2013-14 as mean year will create problems. “The pension will differ from person to person of the same rank and length of service. Where is the necessity of calling a retired judge to form one- man committee and resolve problems when a large number of experts are available in the service/retired personnel and a committee can be made for the purpose,”

Download OROP Govt Official letter

Currently the Notification is only available in English. However it has been mentioned in the notification itself that hindi version will follow. As soon as the details in hindi will be available, the corresponding link will be made available.

Download the Latest File (Released on 4th Feb 2016)

Download English Notification(Older Version)

For any other query regarding the OROP notification, feel free to leave comments !

  • roy says:

    Prop pay structure is sued by tension disbursing agencies

  • Abani Banerjee says:

    Service period 22 years I am the widow of Hav Abani Banerjee what should be the pension after orop

  • R. K. Singhtomar. says:

    Sir. I want max mam DiFrance

  • Daya Shanker Lal Srivastava says:

    Sir, I have peace of mind to read that OROP will be paid in Jan. Most important it is to note that MOD is realising the SENIORITY in Defence Service. My heart felt regards to the DEFENCE SECRETARY who is and would remain responsible to uplift the MORALE of defence personnel who will remain loyal to him. I hope the above information will certainly relieve Jawans posted at BORDER FROM MENTAL STRESS. GOD BLESS !

  • amit kumar says:

    The initial engagement of soldiers (PBORs)in defence forces are for 20 years. If a soldier completes his initial engagement, how his early separation from service will be compared to VRS. Because it is in Defence Forces only that if a soldier wants to apply for any civil post, he requires a NOC from the service. It is very difficult to a get NOC ( Because of so many difficult clauses) in defence forces. If it is like that then they should be allowed to leave the service in case they have succeeded the qualifying examination of any Govt service where he may get better grade pay/Scale than the present one.
    No matter, in any case he will be eligible for one pension only.

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