Karnataka Election Exit Poll 2018 | Latest Opinion Poll | Assembly Election Survey Result

Karnataka Assembly Election Opinion Poll Exit Poll Survey 2018

Karnataka Election Latest Opinion Poll 2018 | Karnataka Assembly Election Exit Poll | Karnataka Vidhan Sabha Election Survey Results 2018

Hello Friends, Today we are going to discuss a trending topic which is “Karnataka Election 2018 Exit Poll”. The election date is to be announced on 15th April 2018 and voting will take place in May. In this article, we are going to discuss Latest Karnataka Election Opinion Poll Results 2018. We are going to take a look at the most recent exit polls conducted by various authorities. Our aim to predict only one thing i.e. Finding the Answer of the Question – “Who Will Win Karnataka Assembly Election 2018“.

Let’s Take a close Look at Karnataka Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 Exit/Opinion Poll Results. 

Karnataka Election 2018 Latest Opinion/Exit Poll Result

Before we discuss the results of latest exit polls, We will like to share which authorities have taken survey in the state and come up with results.

  • Survana News Survey
  • COPS (Creative Center for Political and Social Studies) Survey
  • Poll Agency CHS Survey
  • TV9-C Voter Opinion Result

Update – Soon, More Agencies will be taking surveys and sharing exit poll results. We will update all that right here.

Before you Analyze the results, We want you to understand following things :

  • Major Parties are BJP, Congress & JD(S) [Janata Dal (Secular)]
  • The Majority Mark is 113 which means that to Get Majority any party will have to Get Atleast 113 Seats

Karnataka Assembly Election Opinion Poll Exit Poll Survey 2018

Karnataka Assembly Election 2018 Exit Poll Results – Latest Opinion Poll/Survey Updates

Now, Let’s Discuss what each of the above agencies predicted about Karnataka Assembly Election 2018 Results

Suvarna News Karnataka Election Exit Poll 2018 : Suvarna News has predicted following :

As per the Suvarna News Opinion Poll Neither the Congress not the BJP will get Clear Majority which is quite surprising. According to this survey Out of 224 Assembly Seats , Congress will get 88 Seats, BJP will get 82 seats, JD(S) will grab 43 seats and “Others” will get 11 Seats.

So, Here is what this survey Says:

Total Seats/ Assembly ConstituenciesCongressBJPJD(S)Others

Creative Center for Political and Social Studies (COPS) Latest opinion Poll 2018 Karnataka Election As per the creative Center for Political and Social Studies(COPS), out of these 224 Seats BJP will Grab 113 Seats (Which is the Majority Mark)

CHS Poll Agency Karnataka Vidhan Sabha Election Opinion Poll 2018 – This Poll Agency has predicted 77 to 81 Seats for Congress, 73-76 Seats for BJP, and 64 to 66 Seats for the JD(S). Here is the Overview of this survey :

Total SeatsCongressBJPJD(S)
22477 to 8173-7664-66

TV9-C Voter Karnataka Election Latest Exit Poll 2018 – TV9-C has some astonishing results. As per their survey Congress will Turn out to be the largest party in these elections with 102 Seats. According to it, BJP will get 96 Seats and JD (S) Might Get 25 Seats. So, here is the overview of TV9-C Survey Results :

Total Assembly ConstituenciesCongressBJPJD(S)

Soon we will be adding more surveys here once we have more info. Stay tuned!

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