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State Bank of India Kisan Credit Card | SBI KCC Loan Scheme | SBI Kisan Credit Card Online Application Form | SBI KCC Interest Rate, Calculator & Helpline

Farmers are the providers of the food we eat. Farming is a difficult job and required great knowledge as well as hard work. Unfortunately, the position of farmers in our country is not that Good. Most of the farmers in our country and poor and need financial assistance. Although there are numerous government schemes for farmers but very few of them actually benefit them. In this article, we are taking about a Loan Scheme for farmers that has been introduced by SBI i.e. State Bank of India. We are going to Discuss SBI Kisan Credit Card Scheme or SBI KCC Loan scheme. This scheme is dedicated to poor farmers. We are going to discuss all about this scheme here.

Kisan Credit Card | SBI KCC Loan Scheme

Aim of the Scheme – This scheme has been introduced to provide timely and adequate Credit to farmers so that they can continue their farming without any hazard. SBI KCC Loan Yojana helps the farmers by providing Loan at lower interest rates. 

SBI KCC Loan Scheme -Eligibility

Here is the eligibility Criteria for SBI Kisan Credit Card Loan Scheme –

  • All Farmers are eligible to apply Under this scheme. The only condition is that the applicant farmer should be owner cultivator
  • Tenant Farmers are also eligible
  • Joint Liability Groups of Farmers are also Eligible
  • The track record of the borrower farmer should be good

SBI KCC Loan Limit

  • As per the State Bank of India, Kisan Credit card Loan Scheme, the Credit Limit or Loan Limit is fixed for the first year. The Credit limit depends directly on the crops cultivated.
  • After the first year, for all the successive years the Loan limit will be increased by 10%
  • SBI KCC Loan Borrowers will be provided with ATM cum Debit card to enable easy Withdrawal
  • Any Credit Balance in the KCC Account will fetch interest rate as per current savings account rate

SBI Kisan Credit Card Loan Scheme – Loan Amount Availability & Repayment

The loan will be given as cash as per the Cultivation requirement :

SBI KCC Loan Repayment Timings :

Kharif (mono)

(1st April to 30th September) – 31st Jan

Rabi crop (mono)

(1st October to 31st March) – 31st July

Double /Multiple Crops

(Kharif & Rabi seasons) – 31st July

Long term Crops

(All round the year) – 12 months (from the date of first disbursement)

Borrowers are required to route their farm proceeds or other credits into the KCC account, with a minimum of loan amount plus interest and other charges, if any, within the repayment due date.

SBI KCC Loan Online Application Form ? How to Apply

Although SBI is providing various online facilities to it’s consumers, unfortunately the KCC loan can’t be availed via online process. Interested borrower needs to visit the nearest SBI Bank Branch for this purpose. After talking to the concerned person, the applicant will have to submit the required documents. The Loan application will then be processed by the concerned department and the borrower will be informed

The format of SBI KCC Loan Application Form is like this. 

Note – Kindly understand that this is just format. You should get the original form at the SBI Branch

*Wait for the Document to Load

For detailed Information Regarding SBI KCC Loan Scheme – READ THIS


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